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Massage in Tallinn

Traditionally, people have used massage for relaxation and wellbeing, to reduce pain or to address specific issues, such as limited range of motion. However, massage therapy has a long history. All cultures around the world use the art of massage to support a healthy lifestyle and a balanced outlook being.

Marco Maietta has more than 12 years of experience as a practitioner of fundamental western therapies including classical massage, therapeutic massage, rehabilitation therapy, and gymnastic therapy. He has also studied advanced techniques such as: myofascial release, muscle energy, joint mobilisation, deep tissue massage and manual lymph drainage.
His intellectual curiosity and desire to further his professional knowledge has led to his interest in principal Asian systems of body healing as Thai massage and Ayurvedic treatments.

As complentary disciplines to traditional Western techniques in order to deliver an overall better physio-therapeutic result.
During massages sessions, an instinctive sensitivity helps Marco to understand which body corrections are needed and his treatments are performed on a holistic basis.
Therefore, every massage session is specifically tailored to each client.

Massage treatment improves physical health and also increases the flow of energy
in the body, bringing awareness to individuals, allowing healing to happen on all levels:
emotional, physical and spiritual.

Even 1 hour of massage a week can improve circulation, restore energy levels and help to keep the body injury- free.

Be in flow, be in glow, be yourself. Be happy.