I am a graduate of Professional Massage Therapy school “SYNAPSY” located in Bergamo (Italy).  The school’s program included training in commonly practiced (classical) massage techniques. Additionally I learn Therapeutic massage, Rehabilitation functional laser therapy, Therapeutic gymnastic.

Later I studied advanced techniques such as: myofascial release, muscle energy, joint mobilization, deep tissue and manual lymph drainage.  Further education I complete in the areas of Hot Stone, body treatment for sports and active individuals, Anti-wrinkle face massage, Chiropractic course for shoulder, all of which I incorporate into my treatments, utilizing the best techniques to achieve the desired results.

As part of my continuing education, I have also taken Thai Massage and Ayurvedic massage courses, including study of use of herbs and oils.

My approach to treatment is very holistic; I am always looking at patient’s condition by posture, activities of daily living and stress factor. My treatments extend beyond massage include patient education, such as postural awareness and stress reduction techniques. I’m preparing individualized stretching and strengthening programs for patients that can be used in everyday life- at home or even in workplace environment.

I was working with football team and tennis players to help with muscles pain relive and injury recovery, and being myself a professional football player from a young age I understand needs and difficulties of active sports participants.

Since 2001, I practice Buddhist meditation (Vipassana) and I am exploring the wisdom found in the yogic traditions, with the intention of incorporating these practices into my day-to-day life.

I’m also a student of Yoga and Wim Hof Method therapy that are wonderful complementary practices, and both are powerful tools to bring about and maintain good health.

On a personal note, I enjoy being fit and healthy, incorporating good nutrition, meditation and yoga into my daily life. I love spending time with my family. I love dancing and since youth, I dance latin-music.

I appreciate the fact that balance is not always easy to achieve in our lives, and I constantly have to remember to pause, reflect and re-orient when things get hectic.  My goal is to help patience to find and maintain a healthy balance in body, heart and mind.

Once you find yourself on the table for a massage therapy treatment, you will find my approach holistic; I am always looking at the ways to maintain your overall health and wellbeing.


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